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We have been operating
in the industry for 25 years

Extensive knowledge and experience made ETICOD a leader in the production of self-adhesive labels. The company’s portfolio includes labels printed on foil, paper and structural materials. We also specialize in the production of multi-layer PEEL OFF labels, tickets, and special application labels. In our printing house, we use the following types of finishing: gilding – cold stamping, embossing, special varnishes and various types of lamination. Our technological park has a total of more than ten devices intended for flexographic and digital printing.

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We print labels!

We often underestimate the value and importance of labels. We see them on a daily basis, and do not notice their impact on our lives. Labels have an informative, advertising, and warning functions We trust them, read them, admire them – and then we throw them away. This short product life cycle does not diminish the essence and role they play in the sales and marketing aspects. See the most interesting label projects from our printing house. Choose the right type and learn the exact details and technical aspects of your specific type of label.

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