Category winner - label packaging and GOLDEN PIXEL AWARD.

Pearls among Packaging is a nationwide Competition for the best packaging of the year. Since 2006, it has been organized in Poznań and promoted the industry related to the modern packaging industry. ART OF PACKAGING is gaining recognition and increasing importance in Poland every year. The idea of the competition is to promote innovation, creativity and competitiveness of Polish packaging on the domestic and foreign markets.

This year’s edition was dominated by the label printed by the ETICOD printing house for the B-Day 6.0 Afterparty beer, which won 2 awards. It was recognized as the best label of the year and appreciated as the best refined packaging – winning the GOLDEN PIXEL AWARD – awarded from among all submitted packaging. 

The winning label is a true masterpiece of flexographic technology. The use of rainbow cold stamping, special UV-shining varnishes and the use of matte and glossy varnish – emphasizes its unique character.

The use of backlighting in UV rays is usually strictly securing the product or authenticating it. For our packaging, this effect is strongly advertising. In the ultraviolet light, often found in pubs and clubs, our product stands out and attracts attention, and the use of rainbow cold stamping gives an additional visual effect. A complementary effect is the use of matte and glossy varnish, with a noticeable difference in thickness, which to some extent imitates the use of screen printing, and gives the customer a clear sensory experience when in contact with the product. 

The packaging affects the recipient’s various senses; catches the eye – through the use of Rainbow cold stamping and holographic foil, it affects the sensation of touch when reaching for the product and holding it in hand – through the use of matte and glossy varnish, and the culmination of the whole is the unique taste enclosed in the middle of the product.

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