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custom labels

Custom labels are used in many sectors of the economy – food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, industrial, as well as in marketing and advertising. The ETICOD printing house produces custom labels printed on various materials and raw materials, using modern technology and the latest printing devices.

Our special labels are characterized by excellent colour saturation, they are durable, aesthetic and effectively attract potential customers’ attention. Thanks to advanced technology, we are able to meet even the most demanding projects and the expectations of various groups of recipients. We also supply products with increased resistance. We print multi-layer, fragrance, thermochromic, open-close labels, as well as labels with variable data, individual numbering and barcodes. We offer printing of tickets and personalized labels with unique numbers.

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multi-layer labels (peel-off)

Multilayer peel-off labels are most often used when a small area must contain a lot of information, such as long descriptions and product compositions, translations in different languages or user manuals. Peel off labels are very often found on cosmetics, as double-sided sandwich labels, three-layer labels or in the form of bands, or even books. Thanks to the use of multi-layer labels, the manufacturer can meet the legal obligation – e.g. inform customers about the methods of using the product or the expiry date. Very often, the other side of the label is covered with a special glue that allows peeling it and glueing multiple times.

Thanks to the innovative solutions of devices used for printing labels, ETICOD can even make 3-layer labels. Multi-layer labels are used in various sectors of the economy – they are often used in rebranding, as well as in various types of marketing campaigns. 

Labels with numbering

Individually numbered labels with different barcodes, colours or patterns are one of the most common advertising forms. Variable numbering labels are very popular in various sectors of the economy. They are used for marketing purposes, promotions or competitions, as well as strictly protective ones, where an individual and unique code is a guarantee of the originality of a given label. Labels with variable data will also work well with strict accounting products and articles from limited series.

The use of variable printing technology makes it possible to personalize the code on each individual label. ETICOD has specialized equipment that speeds up the production process of variable numbering labels, and thus our products are of the highest quality and are available at attractive prices. We are able to implement any project and personalize labels according to our clients’ individual needs.

etykiety z numeracją zmienną
etykiety samoprzylepne otwórz-zamknij

re-openable labels

Multiple-opening labels are used on various types of packaging – including food or cleaning products. We can find them on pasta packages, hygienic and wet wipes, and many other products. Self-adhesive open-close labels enable easy, multiple sticking and unsticking of packages, with the use of special raw materials and selective glue. The label has a function of a closing mechanism, thanks to which the product is protected against loss of freshness and aroma, and retains its properties.

The production of self-adhesive open-close labels includes raw materials with approvals allowing for contact with food. This way, you can be sure that the products are 100% safe for recipients. ETICOD offers the highest quality reusable labels – functional, aesthetic and practical, made of various raw materials, e.g. foil, partially printed plastic or paper. 

Labels thermochromic

Under the influence of temperature, labels change their colour. Thanks to special paint ingredients that activate at the right temperature, the graphics on the label change. This solution is very popular in the sale of products that should be kept at an appropriate temperature. Thanks to a thermochromic label, the customer will know if the drink is sufficiently chilled. 

etykiety termochromowe
etykiety zapachowe aromatyzowane

Fragrance labels

Aromamarketing is a dynamically developing field of marketing that can be met in everyday life. The fact that more and more companies decide to support advertising campaigns with scents proves how its actions translate into customers’ decision-making. Fragrance labels are increasingly used as a marketing tool – they distinguish the product from hundreds of others and attract potential customers. Aroma labels allow getting familiar with the smell of the offered product, e.g. perfume or air freshener. They are most often used in the beauty industry.  

That is not all – fragrant labels are also becoming an increasingly popular way to diversify promotional and advertising campaigns. ETICOD offers its customers a wide range of fragrance compositions – as many as 150 proposals that will appeal to the most demanding customers. Thanks to the rich palette of fragrances, we can choose the right fragrance that will be gradually released. To smell the product, the customer does not have to open the package – he just needs to rub the label.

Sheet labels

Eticod produces sheet labels intended for printing on laser and inkjet printers. We offer sheet labels of any size and shape, made of various types of raw materials, such as self-adhesive paper or foil, photographic paper made of matte and glossy versions, fluorescent paper and other materials. We have reliable, modern devices that allow printing labels on sheets quickly and offer them at very affordable prices.

Our offer includes sheet labels designed to meet the needs of various industries, such as cosmetics or food. We also offer labels on sheets for special tasks – with increased resistance to damage and weather conditions. An example of such a product is warning labels printed on fluorescent paper, which attract the attention of consumers really well.

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drukowanie biletów kartonowych

Cardboard tickets printing

Eticod produces all kinds of tickets. Tickets printing is a separate branch of our business. We have specialized equipment that enables the production of the highest quality products – damage-resistant, aesthetic and practical tickets. We offer a wide range of products – printing tickets in any form and shape, on thermal or thermal transfer cartons. Our products have perfect colour reproduction. We also provide personalization of products and adapting them to individual needs, e.g. by adding a unique number.

ETICOD offers tickets for various industries – cinemas, theaters, companies dealing with the organization of events, concerts and sports events. Tickets printing is not everything – we also offer refinement of products, e.g. with special paints, varnishes or holograms. Thus, tickets become unique, aesthetic and perfectly meet their function. Take advantage of the ETICOD offer and order the highest quality tickets!

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