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The technology of digital roll printing allows making labels quickly and relatively cheaply, as well as with very high quality prints. The advantage of this technique is high printing speed and the possibility of printing on various substrates, such as foils, papers, structural materials, wood and aluminium raw materials. In total, our portfolio includes several dozen different raw materials for printing.

Digital printing of labels makes it possible to print smaller orders in a relatively short time. This is a big advantage for customers whose demand for label production is low or who want to print a series of several patterns. Digitally printed labels are also characterized by very accurate colour reproduction. For this technology, we can print CMYK or CMYKOV colours. Depending on project needs, we can also make a white print, which is of great importance, especially with transparent and metallic films. At ETICOD, we use the latest HP INDIGO devices, which guarantee high-quality label printing that does not differ from flexographic printing – difference cannot be noticed. Modern equipment allows reducing the costs of printing digital labels, thus we can offer attractive prices even for small runs – all for the benefit of customers!

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