Ecology is more than just biodegradable packaging. Ecology is a philosophy that accompanies our company from the very beginning. Eticod tries to pursue a sustainable ecological policy, taking care of its material status, but also of the surrounding environment and local community.

Anyone can print labels on ecological materials, but the most important thing is to do it in an ecological way. Thanks to innovative solutions and modern technology – we not only print ecological labels, but we print them in an ecological way.

Our printing house was designed as a passive facility, and the main source of energy is the heat stored in the ground. Vertical boreholes located on our plot have a total length of over 3 km. To ensure the right climate and temperature in the company, we mainly use ground source heat pumps – currently 7 pieces. To obtain the highest efficiency of the system, we use low-temperature capillary water and phase change mats – hidden in walls, but also in ceilings and floors. 

Additional support systems are air ground heat exchangers located under the production hall and in green areas with a capacity of over 7,000 m3 per hour. All ventilation uses recuperators, and in winter we use excess heat to heat the parking lots.

In the production hall, we used surface radiators to minimize air movement and reduce dust movement.

As one of few companies, we do not use chillers to cool printing machines, and our own 50,000W photovoltaic power plant allows us to be even more eco-friendly.

Our company does not have air conditioners, heaters and traditional light sources. We use 100% LED lamps for lighting. A very good barrier against excess sun is roller shutters and external blinds connected to the weather station, which react to the external weather situation on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the huge number of sensors, valves and bypasses, we can maintain a constant temperature and humidity regardless of the time of day or year. The whole thing is supervised by a very intelligent, proprietary control system in the mobile and PC version.


Start making conscious choices and using products and services from companies that are socially responsible and take environmental protection seriously. Choose environmentally friendly products, look for packaging made of recycled materials and support recycling – both as a consumer and a producer! By throwing the used product into the appropriate bin, we can give it a new life. Recycling is the most pro-ecological approach that can protect us from being flooded by mountains of waste. However, not everything can be recycled and not all rubbish can be recycled, but a lot depends on how carefully we sort it.


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