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ETICOD Printing House – operates on the level of many industries. From the basic market of clean labels and thermal transfer ribbons to labels intended for the beverage, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and automotive markets. Each industry is a unique group of clients, characterized by a certain uniqueness when using raw materials and materials with specific properties. We have vast experience and professionalism – we know how certain raw materials behave under certain conditions. We also know what approvals the materials used in specific industries should have and what requirements must be met for a given product to be safe and allowed for sale. These seemingly trivial issues often create problems that not everyone is aware of.

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Labels for the alcohol industry

The production of labels for the alcohol industry is a craft that requires not only accuracy and precision, but most of all vision and creativity. Labels for regional and craft beers are a kind of work of art, which is the culmination of craftsmanship closed in a bottle. Noble liquors require an appropriate design – one that will emphasize all the qualities of the products, and also properly display them on the store shelf. ETICOD printing house offers bottle labels that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. In the production of prints for the alcohol industry, it is important that the label has not only an informative function, but above all, it is an aesthetic culmination of the entire packaging – icing on the cake. That is why in this industry the greatest number of refinements and printing on premium materials are used. Labels for beer, wine and other beverages available in our offer attract consumers’ attention, are inventive and original. Check it now!

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Labels for the juice and beverage industry

Labels for juices and drinks must be designed in a way that they can be easily and simply applied to glass and plastic bottles. For this purpose, specialized production technologies are used. The materials used in them meet certain standards of resistance to water, moisture, low and often very high temperature. This is especially important when the pasteurization process takes place after the labels have been applied – they could be damaged if produced in an inappropriate way or made of unsuitable materials.

Eticod beverage labels are a guarantee of the highest quality. They are characterized not only by functionality, but also by eye-catching aesthetics, which distinguishes the product from the beverages of competing companies, displays the brand logotype and effectively makes the consumer buy the product. The high print quality makes the text on the label legible even when the font is small. Thus, it is possible to include all the necessary information on product composition, manufacturer data, etc.

Labels for the construction industry

Due to the nature of work in the construction industry, labels for building materials are particularly vulnerable to destruction. To prevent this from happening, the highest quality materials are used in their production, which protect the labels against damage, both mechanical and chemical.

Labels for the construction industry must be durable – in addition to the informative function, they often also play a protective role. This is in the case of wraps for glues, silicones or paints. However, the informative and aesthetic function is also important – labels must be legible and allow reading the product composition or its instructions for use. Self-adhesive labels are a popular solution, which results not only from the freedom of determining the label size, but also from a wide selection of face materials and the type of adhesive used. As with other types of labels, those intended for the construction industry can be refined, thanks to which they will emphasize the prestige and exclusivity of products, making them premium ones.

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Labels for the pharmaceutical industry

Labels for the pharmaceutical industry are created using the highest quality materials and technology. They must be resistant to moisture, temperature changes, chemicals, oily substances, etc. It is also important that they have the necessary certificates and approvals. In practice, this means that all labels we make are intended for direct contact with food.

Labels for drugs must be adapted to various types of packaging and surfaces, such as bottles (e.g. with syrup), vials, etc. They have an informative and aesthetic function, which is of great importance for dietary supplements. Therefore, it is important that pharmaceutical labels combine functionality and attractive appearance, and allow the product to be distinguished from the competition. The most commonly used labels for the cosmetics industry are the multi-layer peel-off and peel triplex labels. To raise the product prestige and give it an exclusive look, various types of refinements are often used.

Labels for the technical industry

Labels for the technical industry require the use of specialized materials and production technologies. Specialist labels are often prepared on films with special properties or on aluminium materials. All this serves to maintain durability of information in all, even the most onerous conditions.

From among specialized labels, nameplates are the often chosen solution. They are an excellent alternative to metal markings and can be used to mark various types of elements and components. They use thermal transfer printing, which is why they are resistant to high and low temperatures. They are also characterized by durability and abrasion resistance. Specialist labels also include security labels and markings of household appliances and electronics. For the latter, in addition to informing, for example, about the energy class of the device, the label can also play a promotional role, which will encourage the customer to buy it.

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Labels for the logistics industry

Labels for the logistics industry are products necessary for correct labelling of goods. They are used both in production and storage, in transport and in delivering the product to the end customer. Therefore, they must allow for instant identification at every stage. The information on the label must be clear and legible, printed in such a way that bar code readers can read it easily. It is also important that logistic labels are resistant to changing weather conditions and mechanical damage that may occur during transport. They should also be resistant to abrasion and various types of chemicals.

The most commonly used labels for the logistics industry include thermal transfer paper labels, as well as labels made of various types of foil. The selection of the material and production technology of the label depends on the needs and conditions in which the goods will be transported. In some cases, labels must meet certain standards and have certificates. This is the case for e.g. Maritime transport labels.

Labels for the cosmetics industry

Labels created for the cosmetics industry must meet a number of high requirements regarding not only quality, but also aesthetics. First of all, it is very important that the label is resistant to various substances and ingredients of cosmetics, including water or oily liquids. The label cannot be damaged under their influence. Thanks to the technologies used, we offer our customers „no-label look” labels, i.e. transparent ones, which allow achieving the effect of direct printing on the packaging, and „peel-off” labels containing additional information or instructions for use. The former especially affect the appearance of products, giving them an elegant character.

Cosmetics labels cannot change the assumptions of the product packaging – they are only intended to add charm and make it stand out from the competition. Therefore, it is very important that they display not only the brand’s logo of a given product, but also its most important properties and composition in an appropriate, legible way. Properly designed and made, they will raise the prestige of cosmetics and encourage the customers to buy them.

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Labels for the food industry

Labels for the food industry produced by Eticod are a guarantee of the highest quality. They are created using modern, advanced technologies, thanks to which labels for food products become resistant to moisture and high and low temperatures. All of our products intended for direct contact with food have the necessary certificates and approvals. 

Labels for food products are produced to maintain adequate sharpness and legibility of information, including those written in smaller fonts. It is important that customers who buy a product can read its composition. It is also important that the label displays the brand logo and is visually attractive. Various types of refinements are often used, which give the product an exclusive appearance – it is a perfect solution for premium products. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, we create harmless to humans, damage-resistant labels suitable for various products: from wrappers for cold meats, to tags or stickers, e.g. for fruit.

Labels for the advertising industry

The advertising industry creates great opportunities to use labels on the occasion of numerous promotional campaigns, events and competitions. The label must stand out from other advertised products, and its shape and design must be extraordinary and original. However, not only this is important – in the case of advertising labels, every detail is important, from the selection of colors to the size and quality of the label.

Labels for the advertising industry often have to meet a number of requirements regarding the label form, but also its properties, e.g. resistance to mechanical damage or ease and simplicity of application. To provide our customers with the widest possible range of labels available, we use advanced, modern technologies to produce them. They allow creating advertising labels that will be eye-catching and will become more than just an information carrier. Well prepared, they can be an excellent marketing and advertising tool. It is possible to refine the labels, thanks to which they gain an exclusive appearance, thus emphasizing the prestige of the event or competition in which they will be used.


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