We produce individually designed die cuts of foams, cellular rubbers, felts, nonwovens, double-sided adhesive tapes, industrial fasteners for technical applications, which can be used as insulation, sealing, bumpers, masking or damping.

Products from this category are mainly addressed to manufacturing companies in industries such as automotive, electronics, HVAC, household appliances, lighting, furniture manufacturing, medical devices, rail vehicles, special vehicles and many others.
Within the solutions offered by us, we offer a converting of advanced self-adhesive materials, including single- and double-sided tapes, which, apart from their fixing function, show a number of  applications, such as sealing, insulation, damping or masking. 
We also have the possibility to combine self-adhesive tapes with other materials, especially with various types of foams and cellular rubbers (e.g. EPDM, PE, CR, PUR, EVA), but also with technical felts, plugs, nonwoven fabrics, etc..
All the above products can be supplied in the form of rolls, sheets or single parts, to meet customer expectations and help optimize production processes.

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