Labels with antibacterial coating.

It’s the perfect solution for today! We are still in the middle of a pandemic and we hear about viruses and bacteria from all over around, which can also spread on materials and plastics, and their activity on various surfaces can last up to several hours. The solution comes with a special antibacterial coating which, thanks to the combination of biotechnology and innovative technical solutions, allows creating a label that guarantees that 99% of bacteria will not survive on its surface. 

Eticod Printing House is one of the first label producers in Poland to offer such a solution to its customers. The bioactive layer applied to the label effectively inhibits the growth of microorganisms carried by customers, but also mould and fungi, which often arise during storage or transport. This is due to active silver ions, which are effective against most bacteria and microorganisms, and not only against the selected type of microbes. Their additional advantage is high activity against antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. Bioactive layers can be used in the food, cosmetics and medical industries – they are completely safe and do not affect products. They are invisible, odorless and tasteless. 

The antibacterial lamination used by ETICOD have IMSL – Industrial Microbiological Service LTD certificates in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard, which confirm the effectiveness of the active layer in over 99%. What is more, they are safe for the environment, and when applied to appropriate materials, they can be recycled. 


Antibacterial protective layer 

• prevents the formation of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms in over 99% 

• studies confirmed by the IMSL 

• the material is certified in accordance with ISO 22196 

• labels can be intended for the food, cosmetic or medical industries.

• labels are safe for humans and animals

• the protective layer does not affect the product or packaging

• it is not made of nanoparticles 

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