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Professional printing requires the best quality machines and modern technology. In our company, we have been focusing on top-shelf devices for years. Thanks to investments in the development of flexographic and digital label printing technology, we can meet even the most demanding projects. The most modern devices for flexographic printing used in ETICOD have up to 10 separate printing stations, thanks to which we can print multi-layer labels with refinement in the form of varnishes, lamination or cold stamping. In our printing house, we use devices intended for both flexographic and digital printing.

flexographic printing

This technology allows for fast and economical printing of the highest quality labels. It is designed for medium and high volumes. The use of appropriate polymer matrices makes each print identical to the original. Currently, ETICOD uses the latest BOBST flexographic machines, equipped with 10 printing units – thanks to which ETICOD can implement even the most demanding orders.

digital print

In its machine park, ETICOD is equipped with HP Indigo devices designed for digital printing. This allows for smaller orders to be completed in a shorter time, offering personalization and refinement with the use of cold stamping, selective varnishes or lamination. The latest HP devices guarantee the highest quality prints that do not differ from flexographic prints, and the lack of the need to prepare printing matrices results in orders being prepared in a very short time.

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