Our company's mission is

to effectively, comprehensively and professionally satisfy the needs of the self-adhesive labels market, taking into account the best quality standards, business partnership, social responsibility and constant development.

Our domain is production of general and specialized use self-adhesive labels, made with flexographic and digital technology. Our clients are both domestic and foreign companies. We have achieved the status of a global supplier.


Our activities are focused on:

  • understanding clients’ needs and expectations, as well as professional service and consulting;

  • delivering products that meet requirements, are free from defects and delivered on time;

  • developing competence and raising awareness of all employees;

  • ensuring that infrastructure meets current and future needs;

  • making a careful selection of our suppliers in terms of quality and environmental impact; 

  • using pro-ecological solutions; 

  • improving ETICOD activities in a continuous manner.

ETICOD sp. z o.o.
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