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Refined labels

Refined labels allow the product to be distinguished in an original way, emphasize its exclusive character and attract customers potentially interested in purchasing. The ETICOD printing house produces various types of labels, including those decorated with a special foil or varnish. We can make decorative elements in gold and silver. Labels with refinement can be printed on various raw materials – it all depends on the client’s needs.

We are distinguished by advanced technology that makes refined labels aesthetic. They can be used in the food, cosmetics and many other sectors of the economy. Our experience in the field of print refinement has been repeatedly appreciated by international juries, in numerous competitions in which we have been awarded for the best refined prints.

Select the type of refining

cold stamping

Coldstamping is a technique of applying a special foil (including silver or gold) to the raw material, which can be applied on the entire label, or only fragmentarily in a selected place. ETICOD Printing House offers the highest quality labels with cold stamping, which are perfect for various industries – food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and many other sectors of the economy. This technique is used to refine products, as well as to mark or protect labels, especially in the case of holographic foil. We can choose from various types of foil, which can also be additionally printed, both in digital and flexographic technology. Coldstamping also allows for the precise manufacture of very small elements, thanks to which it can have an extremely wide range of applications. Be sure to check what services the ETICOD printing house offers – our modern machines and technology allow adjusting the printing method to your individual needs.

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screen printing

Screen printing is a technique in which the printing form is a template placed on a special mesh. Forcing the paint through the substrate allows for excellent color saturation, exceptional durability and resistance to damage, e.g. caused by ultraviolet radiation. The use of screen printing in label production makes it possible to apply a layer of paint on any surface, which gives the effect of a convex print and becomes easily felt to the touch. Thanks to this solution, labels with screen printing can contain, for example, inscriptions made in Braille, as well as various warning signs. Screen printing is perfect for printing on clear on clear films, perfectly covering the transparent label space. Screen printed labels are very versatile – they are used in many industries – and also economical. Thanks to our own screen printing plate press, we are able to offer attractive prices. ETICOD Printing House provides a wide selection of printing techniques.

Laminated labels

Lamination is refinement of the print by coating the surface of the label with a special foil to protect its top layer against UV radiation, moisture and increase resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage, e.g. tearing. With this form of protection, a very durable product is obtained that can stay in perfect condition for a long time. Lamination often increases the effect, giving the graphics depth and saturating the colors, which makes the laminated labels attract attention and stand out from the others. Depending on whether we use glossy or matte lamination or soft touch foil – we will obtain a specific visual and sensory effect. Where can laminated labels be used? They are perfect in the food industry, where it is necessary to properly protect advertising materials against damage or flooding. The ETICOD printing house has specialized equipment with which laminated labels can be produced.

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Embossed labels are a great way to make your product stand out by giving the label a raised shape. Embossing can be performed on various surfaces, e.g. paper or foil, but it looks best on structured papers, ecological materials or metallized and aluminium surfaces. An embossed picture, e.g. a company logo or product name, is then very elegant. Embossed labels are perfect for exclusive products whose original appearance attracts the attention of consumers. These can be labels for alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, medicines, but also industrial labels.

3D embossing allows obtaining unusual, three-dimensional patterns, which can be further refined with various colors. ETICOD has modern devices that allow using this decorative technique on various types of surfaces. Labels with embossing are an original form of distinguishing a product and emphasizing its qualities, which works perfectly in practice!

selective varnish

Selective varnishes, also known as selective or spot varnishes, is a technology that consists in applying a special UV varnish locally to the labels. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the applied varnish hardens and the elements covered with it become more exposed, thanks to which the label is expressive and more eye-catching. Harmonizing with the graphics, the selective varnish allows creating a unique print effect. ETICOD printing house offers labels with selective varnish prepared on modern devices that guarantee the best printing results. Labels with UV varnish can be used in various industries – food, cosmetics, chemical and more. Labels prepared this way stand out on the shelves, are stiffer and more protected against damage, e.g. scratching or tearing. Customers who use our services can choose glossy or matte varnish – depending on the needs, type of product and its application.

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